Friday, June 14, 2013

Ironman 2013

I hope I make it obvious in this blog that Elijah is a Super-man at home. He has also continued being an Ironman on the racecourse. In May we went to St. George so Elijah could do the half Ironman with his brother-in-law, Dan. As usual, he was amazing! Elijah always impresses me on the racecourse. He studies, plans, practices and always has fun while he is racing too! We have a little joke about some advice his friend gave him when he did his first full Ironman. The friend said he could keep himself going mentally by focusing on a different person or motivating factor for each leg of the race. One suggested was to think about “the joy of doing an Ironman.” How thinking about that could propel an exhausted body forward always made me laugh, but evidently it works for Elijah. He seriously has JOY while doing these races. He has an amazing ability to push himself to do hard things; a 2 miles swim, 50 mile bike ride and 13.2 mile run worth of hard things!

Cassie made these cute shirt for all of us to cheer on our Daddy Athletes

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