Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Staying Busy

  Jacob and Joey made a Transmogrifier, so they can change themselves and each other into other things.  (Think Calvin and Hobbes).  I especially liked that they included both German and American power sources so they can use it wherever they live.  Way to be prepared boys!

 Hyrum learns a lot from his older brother's examples.  Some less than desirable.  But I am a big fan of the fact that he tells me he has to go potty and then runs and goes by himself.  (Those of you who remember my potty training woes from Jacob will especially understand why this is so wonderful).  He also tells me he needs to do a chore so he can watch a show.  Totally rocks to have my three-year-old unload all the silverware by himself.  And while each piece doesn't always end up perfectly organized, he does get the plastic and metal ones each in the right drawers.

The boys were bored and driving me crazy the other night while I was trying to get dinner ready.  I gave them the challenge to see who could make the best Lego creation of ME!  I think they both did pretty good! What do you think?  I was in fact wearing blue pants and a yellow apron, thought Jake did nice paying attention to those details.  And I think Joey did a pretty good job with my hair!  Not sure how I feel about the nose/mouth he gave me.

Happy Birthday Joey!

Little Joey, is not so little any more.  Last week he turned 6!  I can hardly believe it.  At school he insists that his teacher calls him Joseph, he rides a bike without training wheels and he was the star of the show at his last piano recital.  Even though he has so many of the twerpy traits of a five or six-year-old boy, luckily for me, he is still very sweet.  During a dinner conversation about the Love Languages, he self diagnosed as one who loves words of affirmation (he always writes me love notes and has asked why I don't write him many) and physical touch.  He then proceeded to run from seat to seat at the table and give everyone hugs.  His sweet example was catching and soon all the boys were hugging everyone, including one of Elijah's friends who was at dinner for that night.  Pretty funny.

Joey had a rockin' "Gold Ninja Party."  He was a delightful birthday boy. He helped plan and prepare for the party was thrilled with everything that we did, even if it didn't go exactly as planned.  He was very polite to all his friends, he shared will, said thank you to everyone and even walked each of them to the door when it was time to go.  I'm so proud of the way he conducted himself.

Ninja Training with Sensei Wu

Fighting the Serpent Pinata (if you know about Ninjago then this won't seem like such a weird pinata!)

Blowing out the Birthday Caterpillar on his real birthday.

Yea for Legos!

Hooray! More legos!

I brought cupcakes to school to celebrate.

I love you Joey!

Momma loves the Birthday Boy!

Joshua Tree Campout

This last weekend Elijah went with the scouts on a camp-out. The big boys were thrilled that he got permission to bring them along.  Here are some pictures from their hike.  Bishop sent them with the subject, "Don't show Marinda."  The boys were awesome hikers and hustled up rocks that even the older boys wouldn't do. Elijah described the drop-offs on their hike as, "not as high as Angels Landing, but high enough to kill you."  :)

Hyrum was sad to miss out on the action.  He kept telling me, "I'm a big boy, I can go to scout camp."  Someday Little Man, someday.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Baby Boy #4

“Why do we keep having boys?” Jacob asked tonight.
“We can play with all my brothers,” Hyrum told me.
“Oh good, another brother for Hyrum to beat up on,” Joey said, relieved to share the burden.