Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Staying Busy

  Jacob and Joey made a Transmogrifier, so they can change themselves and each other into other things.  (Think Calvin and Hobbes).  I especially liked that they included both German and American power sources so they can use it wherever they live.  Way to be prepared boys!

 Hyrum learns a lot from his older brother's examples.  Some less than desirable.  But I am a big fan of the fact that he tells me he has to go potty and then runs and goes by himself.  (Those of you who remember my potty training woes from Jacob will especially understand why this is so wonderful).  He also tells me he needs to do a chore so he can watch a show.  Totally rocks to have my three-year-old unload all the silverware by himself.  And while each piece doesn't always end up perfectly organized, he does get the plastic and metal ones each in the right drawers.

The boys were bored and driving me crazy the other night while I was trying to get dinner ready.  I gave them the challenge to see who could make the best Lego creation of ME!  I think they both did pretty good! What do you think?  I was in fact wearing blue pants and a yellow apron, thought Jake did nice paying attention to those details.  And I think Joey did a pretty good job with my hair!  Not sure how I feel about the nose/mouth he gave me.

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